Plus IQ Points – Improve Your Mental Strength & Abilities!

Plus IQ Points Reviews: Here we go again, Plus IQ Points is the latest brain supplement on the market that I have found and honestly, at this point I am more keen on thinking that it’s even pointless to review than actually waste the time. They seem to double in numbers every day as new ones become available constantly. Unfortunately, most of them are scam websites that are simply trying to sell you an idea rather than a real product that actually works. Most of the websites have very shady marketing tactics and in most cases you end up robbed blind and feeling stupid rather than their promises of a highly developed brain that works like clockwork focusing and memorizing like never before.

I have done a quick look over the website in advance and do not think this is one of those scams where you end up being charged absurd amounts of money for a product that is far from impressive. With that said, it certainly has its flaws and there are things that worry me about it. I will break down the information I got from the website and see where it takes us.

What is Plus IQ Points?

Well, after a quick look at it it’s more or less what all the rest are offering. Unfortunately, the developers of the website were not all too creative as it is absolutely identical to several other products I have looked at in the past. So much so that the only difference I see is the company information, product name, and product image. The rest is exactly the same as the rest. The problem is that this reflects on the product as I can’t say I was all too impressed with the ones it is copying.

What the official Plus IQ Points website claims is that this product will help improve your cognitive performance as a whole. This means you will be able to focus a lot better allowing for a clearer mind which lets you absorb information better as well as a better mental clarity. All this is possible through enhancement of neurotransmitters in the brain which help improve how it works. When you learn new information your brain will store it much better and thus help you recall this information much faster and with less effort. As you will be doing this through nootropics your brain will be able to achieve this naturally.

Aside from this bit of information they arena€™t really upfront with details about the product. All that I read was general facts and info but nothing focusing on the product itself but rather on how the brain works and that after you turn 30 the brain begins dwindling and working less and less effectively. The solution to this problem is either a special “brain diet” or taking a supplement, of course, the supplement being the faster and easier option.

They go on to discuss that you lose brain power % as you get older and that this is the best product to fix the problem. All worn out statements I have read in just about every website I have visited so far. They do offer some result from studies (which I did find on other sites as well, identical studies) that state that when men and women took Plus IQ Points they experienced significant improvement in their short term memory and some in long term memory (early 20’s to late 30’s) and the older group (40-65) notice increase in both.

In addition to improving the way your brain works it also helps give you a super energy boost. This will help you stay more focused and alert all day long while still allowing you to rest peacefully at night. The special formula will improve the way your brain works by boosting memory recall, focus, energy, concentration, problem solving capabilities and much more.

The only thing I did find is that this supplement is based on nootropics and is considered the best formula on the market. If this is the first brain supplement you are reading into then you may not know what nootropics are. They are the newest thing on the market for improving mental functions such as memory, motivation, intelligence, cognition, and overall motivation. They alter the way the brain is supplied with neurochemicals thus giving you great results. Each ingredient found in the supplement is all natural and contains 100% pure Phosphatidylserine Complex and supports the efficient function of the brain. Of course, they don’t leave out that Plus IQ Points is manufactured in a FDA GMP Facility but definitely leave the fact that as a supplement it is not regulated by the FDA at the very bottom in the tiny disclaimer text.

What you get with Plus IQ Points?

As with all other products the list of benefits is impressive. All claim to deliver all of these great benefits but only few really do. Let’s hope this one is finally it!

  • Boost of memory recall
  • Increased energy
  • Boost of brain reaction speed
  • Improved mood
  • Overall health boost
  • More focus

Overall Improvement of Memory and Brain:

Of course, the benefits are all the same as with the rest and since none of them can be confirmed by researching the ingredients it’s all we have to go on by. I tried exploring external links perhaps if someone writes a review and listed the ingredients or someone commented with them but no such luck. Actually, I found very few reviews, comments, and forum posts on this product. Perhaps it is still too new for such information and discussion.


Should you Buy Plus IQ Points?

As I did not order it I cannot tell you go out and buy it. Judging by the website and price I do not think that this is a scam, however, I have ordered so many supplements in the past and drugged my body because of all my experimentations that at this point I have made it a rule for myself not to order anything without getting a full list of the ingredients. I will wait a bit longer until an exterior website has this information or conceivably if they decide to add it to the official website and perhaps order then. In the meantime, if you do try Plus IQ Points please comment below with the ingredients and I will do a more in-depth review of the supplement once I have tried it.

How to Buy Plus IQ Points?

Here is the important part. How much is it, where to buy, and what the terms are. Always watch out for “Free Trial” offers. Fortunately, here you are presented with three options to buy and that’s it, no worries about additional charges or membership programs which are by far the worst thing you can get yourself into.

  • 5 Bottles – $159.95
  • 3 Bottles – $129.90
  • 1 Bottle – $58.95

What I also discovered is that once you get to the payment page and decide to click out of it you are taken to a popup window which states you will get a further discount. This way you can actually get 2 bottles for $49.90 which is a pretty good deal. I think that for them to not sucker you into a Trial program and keep their product affordable it could mean that perhaps it really is quality and just may be what we are looking for.

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