Neuro Boost IQ – Improve Your Mental Attention & Concentration Level!

Neuro Boost IQ Reviews: I have gone through plenty of similar supplements to Neuro Boost IQ over the last couple of months. Some I have actually taken while others I have written off right off the bat. Unfortunately, it seems that the scam artists have picked up on these products and finding one that really works and is sold by a trustworthy company is far more difficult than expected. I have signed up for a number of mailing lists and receive the latest products on the market and so far this one seems like the most promising. It is actually affordable and the official website seems to offer far more information than I have found anywhere else.

What is Neuro Boost IQ?

Neuro Boost IQ is a nootropic supplement. The official website claims that it will help you improve your overall brain performance and boost your focus. With promises like improved concentration levels as well as creativity and productivity its hard not to at least take a look. Your memory recall will be enhanced and you will have a lot more energy. All you do is take a pill and it does the rest. The question is, does it work and is it worth it?

How does Neuro Boost IQ Work?

The special formula of this supplement is designed to help your brain and your body far more efficient than ever before. It improves your overall alertness, improves and supports a number of important functions in the brain, and boosts your energy. All of this in turn helps you improve the way you perform at school, work, and at home.

Most people turn to caffeinated drinks or popular energy drinks for energy throughout the day but unfortunately not only are they unhealthy but they offer nothing more than giving a brief boost of energy. The results? Horrible side effects such as jitters and end in crashes all the while doing absolutely nothing for your focus. With a supplement like Neuro Boost IQ, as the website claims, is all the benefits, none of the side effects, and plenty more.

So, Neuro Boost IQ is formulated of nootropics which are also known as “brain drugs”. Extremely popular of late they improve the way a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine works by means of receptors. They also help stimulate NMDA glutamarate receptors as well. The NMDA glutamarate receptors are an essential part of the learning process and memory thus making them an integral part of improving the way your brain works.

Also, nootropics help influence other functions as well including vascular and neuronal. They boost cognitive function and help give you a pure and natural source of energy. Unlike with energy drinks this energy will keep you motivated and alert throughout the day without the side effects. You will think clearer, process data much faster and with less effort, and be able to retain information.

What Neuro Boost IQ Offers?

Of course, the benefits are great, they always are. Rather than giving a long list of two word benefits they chose several and offered more details on them.

Energy Boost is the first thing you will experience the moment you take the supplement. Just 30 minutes after taking the capsule you will have a burst of energy like never before that lasts up to 6 hours without the horrible side effects of other options.

Focus will be improved drastically allowing you to ignore distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. Zoom in on your tasks and stay alert so you can remember more of what you need to retain and ignore the unnecessary.

Brain Power Boost is the goal and with a revolutionary formula of super strong nootropics your mental performance will skyrocket as will your vigilance and overall brain activity.

What Makes Up Neuro Boost IQ?

The one thing that immediately caught my attention when I first scanned over the website is that they offer a full list of ingredients. This is something that I rarely get to see and usually if I do not get a list of ingredients I tend to move on as I have learned my lesson of ordering blindly and being disappointed. They not only offered a list but a quick line about what role each plays in the supplement.

  • L-Carnitine offers mental alertness through the creation of new neurotransmitters.
  • L-Theanine is known to prevent over-excitement of the brain thus helping you stay more focused as it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.
  • Bacopa Monneri boosts cerebral blood flow while increasing the cognitive function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea helps neurotransmission function properly
  • Caffeine gives you that extra energy boost and wakes up the central nervous system.
  • Vitamin B6 helps boost energy as well as provides more oxygen to the brain while improving blood flow.

They do offer more information such as other benefits that you can expect while taking this supplement and provide further details on each ingredient. They mention how Bacopa Monneri is known to actually become stronger over time as you take it and is most pronounced at 12 weeks after taking it than at 4 weeks. Other benefits of this ingredient include improving the speed of the way visual information is processed which helps with the rate at which you learn as well as consolidation. Another ingredient they go further into detail is Rhodiola Rosea. They mention how it aids in the reduction of fatigue, both mental and physical. There are even studies that prove that it can boost test scores by 8.4%. It is also known to improve overall well-being and reduce stress symptoms as early as 3 days after taking it and in 4 weeks the effects increase drastically. They also mention that Vinpocetine helps reduce the reaction time and increases memory while Huperzine A helps boost learning performance and memory retention. On the other hand the ingredient L-Theanine helps reduce stress and enables you to relax, but unlike commonly recommended drugs it does not have a sedation effect.

The ingredients all look great, at least all but one. Caffeine is a major problem for me. My health condition does not encourage taking anything with caffeine, and I already cross the line every day with my morning cup of coffee so taking a supplement that also has caffeine would be a bit over the top. If it wasn’t for this one ingredient I would definitely try out this supplement. I research each ingredient and their claims are confirmed (some do not have a LOT of research but there are studies that show the possibilities and outcomes) and they are safe.


  • Seems like a trustworthy website
  • Very affordable ($28.80-$48.00 per bottle)
  • Very Easy to Use


  • One of the active ingredients is caffeine
  • Supplement fact sheet missing
  • There are possible side effects

Should you Trust Neuro Boost IQ?

Honestly, I actually do think that this is a trusted website. Can’t guarantee it since I have not ordered from them due to the fact that their product contains caffeine, but judging by the rest of the websites I have ordered from (which for the most part were scams) this one does not look anything like them. I think that the supplement could be quite effective but do keep in mind that even if it is natural there are still possibilities of mild side effects, regardless what any supplement site says. If you feel that what Neuro Boost IQ has to offer is something you are interested in and don’t mind the caffeine I think you should go for it and be sure to share your experience in the comments section.

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