Intellex Plus – Make Your Brain Smarter & Active!

Intellex Plus Reviews: A friend sent me a link to the official Intellex Plus website hoping to help me out as I have complained lately of finding it hard to concentrate while working. This immediately caught my attention as I spend hours upon hours in front of the computer and often get distracted or forget what I have to do so it definitely looked like a great answer. But here is what I found and why I am still unsure of how effective it is.

What is Intellex Plus?

Well, upon arriving at the website you are immediately blown away by the numerous benefits as they are in nice big letters and you cannot simply overlook them. Very similar to many other supplement websites it offers a very dramatic picture of a brain on fire and a picture of the bottle accompanied by a list of benefits which are:

  • Increase Memory Recall
  • Increase Brain Reaction
  • Happier Mood
  • Better Overall Health
  • Notably More Focus

Improved Memory and Brain:

All look like fantastic benefits which we could all make great use of. I personally absolutely need them and of course HAD to continue reading to find out how this is all possible.

There is a nice list of where this supplement has been seen on such as: The New York Times, NBC, The Daily News, CNN Health, Chicago Tribute, and USA Today. I tried to do some research to see if this is true but nowhere in the archives in either of these media websites did I find even a glimmer of Intellex Plus. Perhaps it’s a well kept secret?

The Official Website continues on to discuss how common it is for middle aged adults to catch themselves losing their brainpower and forgetting things and discusses how Intellex Plus is actually the number one natural cognitive enhancer. It states that you will see results within a week which is quite impressive if it’s true.

It’s great that the official website discusses how natural and absolutely safe this supplement is. Going on to say that it has absolutely no side effects it has no end to it boasting the numerous benefits of Intellex Plus. However, if this is all true then why hide the ingredients? Nowhere on the website did I find even the slightest information about the ingredients found in this supplement aside from saying that they are all natural.

Would I Buy Intellex Plus?

If you ask me I think the official Intellex Plus website has a long way to go. Perhaps it would be more believable and feasible to purchase this product had it offered more detailed information. I personally cannot simply trust their comments on how effective and natural the supplement is. They completely missed their selling point by providing additional information.

If the ingredients in this supplement are so natural and safe why not share them so people can research them to see for themselves that they are safe? I honestly could not find even the slightest information in their website about the actual supplement except for how effective and great it was. All they offered were statistics on how people started to forget.

I personally did not buy into it and order a bottle. If it had a Free Trial I may have considered purchasing just so I can read the ingredients on the back of the bottle but unfortunately the options available were too expensive for such an experiment. Aside from the lack of information I was also turned off by the horrible website design and lack of color matching which made it look all the more scammy as well as the confusing information in the Terms & Conditions.

Intellex Plus may actually be a very effective supplement in the long run but unfortunately the website is done in such a way so that it actually deters people rather than catch their attention, at least in a positive way. There are numerous supplements on the market similar to Intellex Plus today and I would prefer to go with one that offers more information on its ingredients and doesn’t look so much like a SCAM.

How to Purchase Intellex Plus?

Well, of course I had to go through the entire purchase process in order to give full explanations, however I never pushed the “Rush My Order” button because I refuse to buy anything with hidden ingredients. The prices of the supplement are as follows though:

3 Bottles & 2 Free: $28.99 per bottle at a total price of $144.95 – quite steep if you ask me.

2 Bottles & 1 Free: $34.99 per bottle at a total price of $104.97 – still too much considering the lack of information

1 Bottle Starter Package: $53.98 per bottle – this is more reasonable than most other supplements I’ve found online but still somewhat sketchy.

This is why I turned to the Terms & Conditions and found some interesting information.

First you are greeted that this supplement is not tested by the FDA and there is no guarantee that it is safe or effective. This however, is relatively normal for all supplements as none are regulated or tested by the FDA. Also, by purchasing you agree that you will see a doctor before taking this supplement if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart, liver, or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, or any other psychiatric condition or if your family has a history of these conditions, are taking prescriptions, OTC and/or any other herbal medications.

In all honesty, I was unable to completely understand their Terms & Conditions when it came to their prices, cancellations, shipping protection, and returns. It is written in such a way that you get completely confused. It discusses a trial bottle and trial period but I am unsure of how long this trial period is and how to get this trial bottle, unless it is regarding the single bottle purchase. Very confusing and certainly a great way to convince people to just buy and hope for the best.

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