Illum Face Cream – Treat Your Fine Lines & Wrinkles Easily!

Illum Face Cream Reviews: I am very big on research and really digging deep before ordering any sort of product, especially natural products like Illum Face Cream as they are not regulated by the FDA. I am very skeptical as today anyone can claim anything they like without much backing so you have to do the legwork yourself before committing. I am 41 years old, a heavy smoker, and have had plenty of living behind my back so each of these experiences is well written on my face. I am looking for a product that can at least smooth out some of the deeper wrinkles, nothing too extreme, I just want to look my age.

Every woman wants to look young and beautiful, this is what many companies are cashing in on. Unfortunately, there are very few products that are actually effective. Just typing in anti-aging cream in a search will bring up thousands of pages of products for you to choose from. How do you seed out the good from the bad? With lots of research.

More about Illum Face Cream:

At first glance the website seems pretty clean, straight forward, and undemanding. They remind you regularly that they have a free trial and urge you to order warning that they are nearly out of stock. Nearly every website has this, don’t fret. Reading through the website this is what I found out about this product.

They begin with some interesting numbers of how this product will benefit you. They all look great but unfortunately they do not back them with a study, a link, or any sort of information as to how they got these results.

  • 84% noticeable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 95% improvement collagen production
  • 73% decrease of dark circle appearance

They discuss studies done on the ingredients found in the supplement but do not offer any further details or links. Simply claiming that thousands of women experienced dramatic results by simply applying the product 2 times a day for 8 weeks is not enough for me. Links are not provided, information about the study is not there, nothing, but this of course, is quite common with numerous other similar products.

The Science behind Illum Face Cream:

They get quite into providing information on how the product works but without really giving too much of course. They claim that their product works on a cellular level and will be able to turn back the hands of time and reverse aging. Their Proprietary Biosphere combined with QuSome delivery will ensure that the molecule is going to be heaving and in the shape of a sphere thus helping boost penetration further down into the deepest layers of skin. The formula consists of a natural wheat protein which allows the walls of the penetrating Biofil spheres to release the necessary nutrients continuously thus improving skin faster and better. As wheat is sponge-like it is able to absorb trans-epidermal water loss.

All you have to do is apply the product two times every day and the ingredients will seep into your skin and give you great effects of smoothed out wrinkles and fine lines in just a few weeks.

What is in Illum Face Cream?

Unfortunately they did not share a list of ingredients in the official website. Thankfully others that have ordered the product have shared their experience already and have provided a list of the ingredients allowing me to do some further research. Here they are:

So, I found no information about the ingredients in the product. They did not provide such information. I did find a list of ingredients on a 3rd party website where they discussed the product but I cannot guarantee that this is really what is in it as I rarely trust what I read online unless it is a scientific study. With that said, as I have no other leads so here they are:

  • Glycoproteins
  • Cola Accuminata Seed Extract
  • Peptides
  • Panthenol – Pro Vitamin B5
  • Benefits of Using Illum Face Cream
  • Chamomile Recutita

There are plenty of other trials available, you just have to know where to look. For these searches I used the Google Scholar option which allows you to tap into studies and scientific trials. Some of the ingredients really have been proven to be effective in reversing the aging process and making skin more smooth and supple with diminished wrinkles. I also found only one paper on Illum Face Cream which looks to be a business plan where there is plenty of information, but it does need to be translated.

Why Use Illum Face Cream?

Though they did not offer much information about the ingredients or exactly how the product works, they did provide plenty of information on the benefits.

Reduces wrinkles through the advanced formula of ingredients that are well known for repairing skin. You will experience amazing results with minimized wrinkles, a plumping effect and skin lifting.

Skin repair is ensured with the vitamins and antioxidants in the product. They will help improve and brighten the skin all the while smoothing and restoring it.

Smoother skin is possible with ingredients found in some of the most sought after and expensive beauty products and creams. When all of these ingredients are combined you will enjoy smoother, more youthful, resilient, and supple skin.

Counteracts the aging effects of stress with ingredients which are also considered immune boosters. They will help perfect the way that your skin is able to prevent and fight against stress and free radicals which are known to make the skin drab, discolored, and dull.

How to Buy Illum Face Cream?

The only place this product is available is through the official website. You are offered a free trial ($4.95 shipping and handling) where you will receive a full month’s supply of the product. Make sure you read the terms as there it clearly states that the trial is only for 14 days and after that you will be charged the full price of $92.53. You are also enrolled in their membership auto-ship program where you will get a new supply of Illum Face Cream every month and will be charged $92.53 plus shipping and handling. Knowing this you can decide whether this is the product for you within the 14 days you are given to try the product. Remember, the 14 days begin the day you order and you can cancel any time by calling 888-947-3564.

The trial actually has stopped bothering me for some time when it comes to supplements and natural products. If you know the terms of the trial and are aware of how long you have to try a product before being charged then you should have no problem as long as you make sure you cancel if you are not interested in buying the full months’ supply. In all honesty, the only reason I did not buy is because even if the product is effective it is still more than I can afford. Considering the ingredients and if you are aware of the terms I think that Illum Face Cream could be a good choice, but don’t take my word for it and go research it further.

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