CogniShield Reviews – Improve Your Cognitive Function Naturally!

CogniShield Reviews: I think all of us have been there, tired, forgetful, and generally feeling stupid and CogniShield claims to be the answer to all these problems. Interestingly enough though, it’s shocking and impressive results are hardly backed by any real facts. What angers and annoys me most is the fact that contrary to popular belief, when a supplement is presented to the public, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe or effective.

In fact, supplements in general are not regulated by the FDA. This means that they could make you sick, depressed, and have horrible side effects. Instead of getting smarter you may get belligerent, confused, and ill and there is no law that actually protects you. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but surely, supplement companies are definitely taking advantage of the lack of control over supplements and release atrocious products that deliver absolutely nothing beneficial. So, why should you believe a product like this?

What is CogniShield?

Well, unfortunately, aside from claiming that this is an all-natural supplement that supports short and long term memory, boosts focus and energy, all the while providing ongoing support of overall brain function, they don’t really provide any realistic information. Actually, the whole website as a whole is nothing more than a horrible copy paste of numerous other similar websites. This doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad, just that their marketing department is painfully lazy and unrealistically confident that they will get people to buy their product by not offering any real information.

Let’s take a closer look. Now, the goal with this product is to improve your overall mental function in general and clear your mental vision. What happens is that as you age the stress and even foods you eat are detrimental to the way your brain functions. Brain cells perish as you age and this means that your brain in general starts to lack in cognitive performance. This whole depressing process begins at around 30 years old. Although it starts rather slow and you most likely will not notice it immediately, over time you start to realize that you are misunderstood, you start to feel unwise as you start forgetting things, and even ignorant as you can’t really hold an argument anymore because all the facts seem to be in a fog. Not only this, you lack energy and motivation which in the past were what pushed you to keep going.

Now, don’t be naïve, you’ve seen it all with your elder relatives and sooner or later it will happen with you. It’s unnecessary to take a supplement if you aren’t experiencing these problems and just need a brain boost. However, if you have started feeling distressed because you have forgotten your car keys for the 5th time in one day (kept going in and out of the kitchen not remembering what you went looking for in the first place) and usually simple tasks take a painfully long time because you lack concentration and motivation, then maybe you should consider a supplement.

The question is, should it be this supplement? Here is what I did not like about CogniShield, or at least their website. It’s rather unfortunate and damaging to their own sales team in general, that they have not taken the time to develop a quality website that actually reels in customers rather than completely discourage them from ordering their product. The pure lack of information and the fact that the only thing they have provided is nothing more than pure lies and dissatisfactory facts that we honestly don’t care about is disgusting. I hoped that at least this one time I landed on a website that is developed to cater to the customers not their own ego. The website is substandard when it comes to information and objectionable when it comes to the way they present their product as they present it as nothing more than another dreadful supplement that will promise it all and deliver none.

If they had taken just 10 more minutes and put them into some quality information they would have won me over. Though I don’t think the product is shoddy, I do think that they are simply lazy and unreliable because of the lack of attention they gave their product. Image the kind of attention they are going to give me.

How to buy CogniShield?

Buying this product means going through their free trial offer. They kind of lost me here as well. If I want to buy something I just want to order and I want that to be the end of it. I don’t want none of that nonsense about having to send it back in 15 days if I’m not happy or getting caught up in a repulsive and oppressive auto ship program that I don’t know how to get out of. Yes, they do this for our own good (or at least that’s what they say) but I can handle taking care of myself without the need to remember my card will be charged nearly $100 every month.

I hate the website. I will be straightforward about that. I checked some reviews of this product, and I am not talking about the shady and unreliable affiliate reviews that they are getting paid to write. I was in forums and other discussions where people share such information and from the looks of it this could actually be an effective product. The problem is the fact that I want to check out the ingredients before ordering because I don’t want to find out they are disgusting or unfavorable based on my personal health and taste as it will be too late then. I also want to discuss it with my doctor because as much as I want to feel smarter and more energetic I don’t want to take anything that may be damaging to my health.

With that said, please, if any of your do order, or have ordered this product in the past, please take a picture of the supplement facts and send it over for me to take a look and do a more reliable review of it. In the meantime, I will go whine about another product similar to CogniShield.

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