Cerebral X Testosterone Booster – Get Stronger & Larger Muscles!

Cerebral X Testosterone Booster Reviews: When I use to see my brother going to gym and getting a muscular body I use to ask him to take me with him but he said not now and one day he also took me along and said if I really want to get good muscles I should do the workout seriously and I said I will do it with him on daily basis. After passing one week when I complained him that I am so much tired and I am not able to do workout he asked me to take these capsules for daily basis and do not miss the gym so I started following his instructions and was again fit and energetic. But then one day I asked my brother that what those capsules were for and what were these made up of. He said I am your elder brother and I don’t want o harm you in a anyway so he told me that this is Cerebral X Testosterone Booster and it is a supplement which is made totally of safe and tested ingredients which makes the body smooth and muscles pumped up in a stranger way. He also told me that he himself using the same formula and that is the secret of his health. I was really happy to have such a formula from my brother who asked me to use it and do workout with him if I really want to have a body like him so I just decided that I will not leave any stone unturned to get my body as my brother’s body.

What is Cerebral X Testosterone Booster?

This product has no typical formula which just enhances the muscles mass. This product is really a new thing for me as I have never tried any product before but whenever I go to gym I see many people who are using many other products and if I compare my results with their results. Even I have been comparing my body with my elder brother and I can say I am soon getting him and will be having more muscles than he has because now I have a regular schedule for gym and he sometimes even miss it. This product has a mixture of natural ingredients which are really different from other products as if I compare it with other products being used in my gym they also include many artificial energy booster and muscles pumper but this product has so far been so effective to my health and as I never had any doubt in its exceptional affects because it was already being used in my home. This Cerebral X Testosterone Booster is not only useful for people who go to gym but also useful in keeping the health and stamina of a person who is playing any game or any other sports. My brother has been using it from last two years and I don’t find him ill or any harm to his health but all I can see him growing his more and more muscles on him. Other than the muscles I can see him working on his job and after his job he is doing very well in his life.

Ingredients of Cerebral X Testosterone Booster:

When I started using it I asked my brother that what all is included in this product which I have been using from past many days and then he asked me to sit over and he started telling me that there are few ingredients which are many useful for the growth of muscles and other advantages. He also told me that in future if I have to choose any product of to suggest any product. I should be careful in choosing the ingredients because these are ingredients which are beneficial to health.

D-aspartic acid:

D-aspartic acid is a useful substance because it really helps and assists in strengthening the muscles and enhancing their mass. It also increases libido in body and also boosts up the sexual health of a person in no time.

Tribulus Terrestris:

This is a natural herbal extract which is really used in many medicines for making up the testosterones and other health levels .it also increases the flow of blood in a perfect way to stop or to stop having any blood pressure issues. By increasing the testosterones level of body it also build a strong man with pure muscles.


This is an extract which assists and boosts up the energy of body while it is performing high power activities such as aerobics or weight lifting and other exercises. Even this can also increase the muscles strength during the use of muscles in heavy works. This also produces tryptophan, choline, niacin, potassium, and ascorbic acid.

Ginseng extract:

This extract is smartly selected in this product as it decreases the level of fatigue and tiredness of muscles to up to 100% and this way the stamina and power of doing more and more work out of muscles is increased with the use of this product.

This Cerebral X Testosterone Booster has a series of product which may be advised by the trainer at different levels and it also include ingredients more than those mentioned earlier and that includes Oyster meat extract, zinc gluconate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, and selenium. They are really healthful and perfect for growth of muscles. These B6 and other vitamins is really a contributor in the growth and health of body with any disorders and also zinc and other minerals are well known of giving a man health back even if there is some problem with the sexual life zinc is a best part to cure such.

When I saw my brother taking two capsules before the workout and two after I started doing the same routine for the dosage and then one day my brother asked me how much I am taking before and after the workout and I told him that I have been taking the same as he was. He was so surprised and asked me if I have any kind of head ache or any nausea I said no I never felt like. But after few days he asked me to reduce it if I feel any kind of disorder in my body. As he told me that when he started using it he use to have one capsule a day. But he also mentioned that it also depends on the workout how heavy we do. I started it for two before and after the workout and I felt no harm in that so it was so much good for me to use it that way even my brother asked me to reduce it and I did it once but then I was not that fit as I felt with two so I again started using two. But it is always good to consult some wise person who has a good knowledge or experience of this product about the usage of this product.

Does it Really Work?

I use to wonder how my brother has this much big muscles as it was not genetic in our family to have such a bigger size of muscles but it was a mystery till he suggested me to use the product myself. That was the day I came to know the secret behind hid muscular body. Even before this I use to ask him about his muscles but he never told me so for me this was a great chance to use the same product he was using and I was dreaming to be like him in future. About the working of this product I can say I never had any doubt and I never thought that there will be some product in market that might have such an impact on body to change it to that level of fitness. I didn’t doubt the working of this Cerebral X Testosterone Booster even when he suggested me to use because I have seen him turning his body to a hulk in just few days and I knew there was something which was pushing him to that extreme looks. And then it came to me and I was happy that finally I have got that secret for building bigger muscles. And I will recommend it to everyone because this product is really my favorite now.

How does it work?

One day I was sitting with my brother and in a discussion of muscles I started asking him about these supplements that how they work in body and how they affect us or harm us if we choose a wrong item from market. So he started telling me that there are first of all two kind of products available one may be an artificial ingredients, means they have been made artificially for the consumption and there are other products which have naturally extracted ingredients. So there are different requirements of different people to use this product. But most of them choose to have it in a natural way. This product is also made up of naturally extracted ingredients. These ingredients have different tasks in body few grow muscles and few are there to increase or strengthen the immune system of body ,few are committed and used for controlling blood pressure and other levels in body to keep it more healthy and working normally. Because whenever a body is stopped from working naturally it shows side effects because the nature of body is disturbed. So to make it work in a natural way these products just smoothes the natural growth and effects and in few cases it just speeds up all the happening to make it bigger and full of strength.

Things I don’t like in it:

  • I could not find this product in local market
  • It is having a special formula so it may harm females to use it
  • It is not healthy for underage sale
  • It may give nausea or high blood pressure in beginning
  • It has no approval from FDA till yet

Is there any Risk?

I started using it on my brother’s advice and when I started using it in first week I felt head ache and nausea and I got really worried about the use of this product but then I asked my brother and also consulted many doctor about what was happening to me I was really frightened about the use of this product as it was fir the first time I was using this product. But then my brother and every one asked me not to be worried as it happens for the user who have never used this kind if products. So it took time for one week and after that I was really healthy and feeling fine. I will also suggest you not to be worried if you feel the same in start but this is just because body is not use to if this product but after a week it will be gone anybody will be free from any troubles as this is my personal experience.

When to Expect Results?

When I started using I thought I will make more muscles and will be like my brother in just one month but it never happened because this thing really works because this product takes time to show results moreover it also takes hard workout which I was not able to do in start but now I am really improving. Takes time in starting but it surely works for those who really try hard to fulfill their dreams. So to have expected results this product may take more than 2 months.

Benefits of Cerebral X Testosterone Booster:

  • I have made myself as I dreamed for
  • It has increased my stamina for more and heavy workout
  • I have become more powerful
  • I do participate in university sports more frequently
  • I have lost fat and my body is full of strong muscles
  • It have got an impressive personality and gesture
  • I am sexually more turned on
  • It has changed my chest and bicep size in just few weeks
  • I feel more comfortable and healthy
  • It has boosted my confidence with my strength

Doctor’s Point of View:

In beginning when I started using this product I felt bit nausea and sometime even I felt head ache so this thing really disturbed me because that thing never happened to me before. So I straight away went to doctor and asked him that why this is happening to my body and he asked me not to worry about. He said the product I am using is totally safe and there is no need to be worried about this product’s effects on body. I was feeling all this because never used any kind of these supplements before and body takes time to accept these supplement and in result of that I was feeling so. He also asked me to have few test to be more satisfied about the working and I had those tests also and the results of those tests made me realize that I had nothing wrong with me. So doctors are in a sense also satisfied and confidant about this product because they know what all is included in this product. And what all may be useful or harmful for body and its safe growth. I was really surprised to know when doctor started telling me the advantage of this product and told me that he has been dealing with this product from many years.

Alternative Solutions:

When I was not using this product and I asked my brother that what if do not go to gym and want to have muscles like your what should I do to have this kind of physique and he told me that I should first decide either to get this shape in weeks or in years then I should choose accordingly which way to use because other than using supplements and gym he said there might be a lengthy time required for making up an ideal body but he also asked me to take care of few thing and go for few things which I have mentioned below. Most of these points I even follow today because I think they are also useful for me even with the workout and this product. He asked me to

  • Take care of what to eat and what not to
  • Have good sleep to give rest to my muscles
  • Eat more proteins and also take care of fat in food
  • Exert more and burn the fat in body
  • Take a note of the calories I take and how much I burn on daily basis


  • It enhances the muscles power lifts
  • It gives lasting power and stamina
  • It reduces the muscles breakdown and gives more power to muscles
  • Makes more sexually aggressive and healthy
  • Made out of natural extracts from different herbs


  • I cannot get it from a local gym or shop near my home
  • It is not so famous in local market yet
  • It is harmful for females as it enhances male hormones
  • It does not have any predicted time to show results

Legal Disclaimer:

I have observed that many times when I order the product the label and other contents even for many products I have seen there are different ingredients shown in reviews and when we get the product there are different ingredients. So I will suggest that whenever you order for any product online please confirm that the label and the other ingredients are listed and before use also get some suggestions about the usage because if u get a wrong ingredients or any other ambiguity use it with opinion of a specialist.

Product Comparison:

I am using this product for the first time and I have not used any other product so far but if I am asked to compare this product to any other product I will simply vote for this product as this product has a special formula which has safe effects on body I have seen many of my friends using other products also and I have observed the advantages and also compared this product with those products and I have observed that this product has the most different and most effective way to work in body. Even few of my mates also changed and shifted to this product. To compare it with any other product will not be a justice with this product.

Easy in Use:

Whenever I get ready for gym I just simply go to my room with a glass of water and take 2 capsules of this Cerebral X Testosterone Booster as this has been the most easiest way I can have any supplement and even on my way back I have to take it so I have kept a bottle in my car also so that I can easily store in my car as well and can have a dosage whenever I need. Even if ii forget to get it before leaving I get it from my car because it has a simplest way to keep it and also does not require special way too consume it I also take these capsules with juices and milk but not with the soft drink as they may harm the effect of this product as well as body’s reaction towards this.

Money Back Guarantee:

For the buyers who do not have any person around them or any one whom they can trust for the use of this product the company has made a special offer to those people to use this product with money back guarantee because this offer creates a confidence in use and the product. The one using it if does not gets the required muscles size or any other problem he faces he may return it and get back his money in just 1 week time. So if at all you are not satisfied I will ask you to give it a try and I am sure there will not be a point on which you will ever think of returning it back.

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